A Different Kind of Lawyer, 
      providing expert advice,
            with a human approach.

A Trial Attorney committed to fighting for the unrepresented and injured of our community. Core areas are Injury law, Consumer Debt, Real Estate & Employment laws. 

We are a boutique         law firm providing
expert advice with
a human approach.


A trial focused law practice. My cases are prepared with a strategic focus in mind: Preparation=Success.​

My Philosophy: I do this to help people. I take the approach that ...

A Trial Attorney committed to fighting for the unrepresented and injured individuals within our community. Core practice areas include injury, debt management,  Estates & employment. 

A New Kind

Of Lawyer.

A Human Approach

Leo G. 

Glendale, CA

Mr. Ramirez helped me when I had a business dispute. I explained my situation and he listened to my areas of concerns then addressed each in his legal strategy. Ultimately the case was dismissed after they saw how prepared our attorney was. We have returned for his legal assistance in personal injury and estate planning needs as well.


Los Angeles, CA

I recently had the pleasure of working with Randolph on a case. He was professional and extremely helpful. If I ever need a lawyer in the future I will definitely contact him. I recommend him. Thank you again !


San Diego, CA

Professional from the start and Mr. Ramirez listened to my concerns and was able to calm my nerves and bring me back to reality from the fear, shame and guilt from my mistake, but was honest with me. Mr. Ramirez explained what I was up against and what my options were. 

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